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Gucci Watches are a true declaration of excellence. In line with the overall aesthetic and quality standards of the famous Maison, all Gucci Watches perfectly reflect the expectations of a sophisticated and exclusive clientele. Do not miss the elegance of New Gucci Watches.
Recognized for design, quality and craftsmanship, the different models of the fashion house have become classics for men and women.
From Casa Capone Jewelry, in addition to very extensive selection of the best articles, you are also right advice and expertise to enrich and make your unique style.
There are two models on which we aim for this season, for women who like to change and make her look beautiful and unique each. Three key words: oneness, love and refinement.

G- Gucci Watches is sophistication to the wearer. G is the form of a stainless steel case, with strap and a repetition of squares in stainless steel, while the dial is sun-brushed. Sapphire crystal, quartz movement, water resistant. An article simple and straightforward but with a touch of elegance that embellishes and makes it beautiful.

Chiodo Gucci Watches, is instead the uniqueness and love, to the wearer, making them attractive to women who like to stand out.
Its charm is in the style and luxury materials. The polished stainless steel case has a white mother of pearl dial. To make it even more precious ensure the diamonds on the bezel.
The new Chiodo collection, its origin and inspiration from the equestrian world with a particular appeal to the shape of the nails used for shoeing horses. With its exceptional creativity and refined and stylized reinterprets a detail to make it a jewel wrist very sophisticated.

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Unmistakably Gucci Made in Italy, unique combination of luxury, handmade excellence, and modern style.

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