What is the real extent of the Rosato jewelry?
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Looking through the past to re-live the images of yesterday, today. Collect moments in the treasure chest of the heart.
Little works of art making up true collections world. Treasure chests of emotions to be revealed! The past will live in us, time does not standstill, our stories make us who we are, and who we will be tomorrow.

What about ... Take advantage of Christmas to give a special moment to those you care about ... a small gesture with a big heart!

Christmas is coming and the most farsighted have already begun to make the list of mothers, sisters, girlfriends, grandmothers, girlfriends and related gifts.
The jewelry is the kind of gift most loved and desired: Marilyn Monroe said that diamonds are a girls best friend. And for a simple reason: they are forever. And if your budget does not include valuable to too many zeros there is a wide range of stylish and affordable pleasures with which to impress. And some small indication to choose the right item for the right person. Gift ideas for guaranteed success that illuminate even the small budget!

Casa Capone Jewelry offers a selection strictly below 100 € and strictly beautiful!

For example PENSIERIcollection, colored lights and precious to wear to enjoy a moment of pure charm and glamor!
And also Rosato SOGNI New Collection: the first full finery of bracelets, necklaces, earrings and rings all coordinated! From 48.00 .
Still, the new revolution of ICONE Jewels Rosato! The icon carefree and pure love, maternal, which is daily becoming even bigger!
And finally, MESSAGGI New collection ! Hearts, bags, rocking horse and bear ... what is your favorite pendant? Price € 74.00

What about ... Explore Rosato New Collection on our site!