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It was started in 1994 by Franco Pianegonda out of Vincenza, a Italian province known for its artistic heritage. His brand has expanded into several lines,with the first to make it to the United States in 1999, starting with Miami. In his creations, he combines traditional techniques of Italian goldsmiths along with modern fashion trends. Despite being a relatively young name, he has picked up a range of celebrity fans from Italy, America and internationally.

The mission of Franco Pianegonda is to transmit quality of materials, excellence of service Technological innovation and craftsmanship care are all constant characteristics of every creation. Creativity and innovation, product excellence, Brand guarantees, business spirit and continuous professional improvement: these are the indispensable requisites for
a successful Company. Pianegonda works with a very high-qualified staff that transmits passion, values and philosophy of the dynamic Company. Italy is the original country of Pianegonda that brings the elegance of “made in Italy” taste at international level.

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