At Casa Capone Jewelry ... Pesavento jewelry light with Polvere di Sogni!

Poetic objects that enchant and captivate at first glance.
Today I want to tell you about a brand born in the tradition of jewelery Vicenza in 1992: Pesavento.
Among the windows strikes me immediately the effect of sparkling collection Polvere di Sogni line Vento silver 925.
Jewels true that leave no doubt about their presence. Sinuous shapes, curves, curves and tunnels tell the taste of Pesavento that, through a special technique, lights reflecting particles surface bombè cocktail rings, bangle bracelets and pendants important clean lines. Colors? Those of greater tendency: ultramarine blue, cardinal red and green forest, not to mention the white snow and the classic gray and beige.
I must admit, my note passion for rings is greatly tickled by the sight of these luminous creations! Obviously I can not resist them and try remaining immediately attracted not only by sight, dall'indosso.
It 'a challenge that the brand wins full as it can satisfy the taste of women for all that is bright and fashion without touching the least excess. The finish and the edges of the jewels are soft and caress the skin, which may seem like a detail from technical but it is not absolutely imagine ... after a few hours wearing a ring badly finished and your hand will understand immediately what I'm reporting!
The Jewels of Polvere di Sogni line can be worn from morning to evening because this brightness will accompany you at all times of the day, remaining discreet in sunlight and becoming suddenly glamorous under artificial light, during the cocktail in your local favorite!
Ideal for the most refined, but also to the most fashionable, attentive to the colors and trends of the season they see, for example, on the catwalk lace that, in the jewel, resulting in processes that provide a glimpse through the perforated metal skin .
You are definitely a woman Pesavento if you love the accessory and if you believe that this can drastically change your outfit because it is a promise, wearing these jewelry your little black dress will never be the same!

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