What kind Pasquale Bruni Jewelry you  want to wear?  In terms of style, attention to detail is everything!

Each stone conceals a meaning, choose the gift that best reflects your personality! In Our Jewelry blooms the enchanted garden BON TON. New colors and new inspirations for a collection to discover all that we want to share with you! The journey of discovery into this vast catalog of precious starts from the line BON TON where protagonists of jewelry offering the shape of a flower with five points, a detail that has become the trademark of the Italian PASQUALE BRUNI.

Bon Ton Collection, line icon PASQUALE BRUNI, is enriched with new colors thanks to seducing chalcedony of charming historical tradition. The Carnelian intense fiery red is a tribute to Isis and Cleopatra, female figures of great power and immense charm. The blue chalcedony is the gem of the color of Venus. Symbol of love, beauty and creativity, is notable for its beautiful and delicate shades of blue and white, reflecting the element of air, and for the most intense and deep shades of blue-purple, symbolizing the water. The Agate gray finally recalls courage and protection, a color that expresses a strong personality. The new nuance, enhanced by the warmth of pink gold and the sheen of white diamonds, are combined with the delicacy of rose quartz, milky and smoked versions and pavé diamonds.In the  BON TON gem is queen. Characterized by the shape of a flower with five petals, symbol of the Italian jewelry house, the stone features on both sides of the typical cutting BON TON by soft irregular facets, which are lost in a pistil cabochon.


Bon Ton style finds in Pasquale Bruni Jewelry its maximum expression!