Casa Capone Jewelry reveals New Proposals of Pasquale Bruni Jewellery!
The jewels will make unique thanks to the materials and sparkling details that will not pass unnoticed in our look for next winter: look that will definitely sparkling and flashy.
The New Collection of Pasquale Bruni
Jewellery is characterized by several lines of precious well, which will surely represent each style of woman, any woman, satisfying every need, every wish and every dream to look really unique. Precious jewels and glittering that will make the difference between a look trivial and look stratospheric.

Pasquale Bruni jewelry is more than just a precious stone is a work of design which attracts with meticulous attention to detail, is the mirror of every woman, her story. Speaks of character and charm, grace and femininity, of dreams and mystery, strength and passion. It recounts a way of symbols, shapes irresistible, enchanting colors, beauty, love, dreams and stars, the sun and light, flowers and poetry. A haunting and enigmatic world.
Pasquale Bruni
Jewellery are literally dream. The creations, as always, are opulent and richly detailed, bright accessories enriched with colored stones and oversized. The New collection of Pasquale Bruni, for example, is composed by the Mandala line , Sissi, Bon Ton and a special unique piece of Prato Fiorito line.

Among the news we already find a number of Sissi Jewels. The line has been divided into categories, including the Black & White, characterized by black and white stones that evoke the day and night, fire and water and the play of light and shadow, in practice the dual personality of the woman. In addition, the Maison also offers Sissi I Amo, a series of beautiful and opulent jewelery in yellow gold, adorned with many colored stones and diamonds. This line includes necklaces with crosses and small hoop earrings.
Pasquale Bruni Bon Ton is the jewelery collection focused on the shape of the flower with five points, icon of the Italian house. This line is very adapts to virtually all, this divided into several categories, such as Bonheur.
Inside the large collection we find the line mandala, inspired by the full moon and has references to the Eastern Lands.

The new line of jewelry of Pasquale Bruni Mandala Collection is inspired by the full moon which is reflected in the Lotus flower, linked to our satellite, the feminine principle and at night.

It's a fascinating range, which is offered with precious alchemy, intimately related to the influence of the East. The individual pieces are lit glow of pearl cabochon worked and white and brown diamonds, in an intriguing sequence that makes up a set floral flavor.

The skilful combination of these gems to burnishing gold rose nuanced, creates a light-shade reminiscent of a full moon in the night. Each jewel reveals secret details, such as the borders of exceptional workmanship and a technique of embedding and scoring stones staff and extremely powerful.

The symbol of the line, which encompasses the stylistic concept of the collection, is the Ring drive which shows on the one hand the brilliance of the stones and the other the typical inlay of the house, which usually remains hidden inside the jewelry, but which in this case it is revealed by creating a secret garden whose buds are small hearts pierced.

Each stone conceals a meaning, choose the jewel that best reflects your personality! In Our Jewelry blooms the Beanstalk Pasquale Bruni.

Are you curious to discover New Pasquale Bruni jewels? Then do not miss our Photogallery and let yourself be dazzled by his precious!

New colors and new inspirations for a Collection to discover all that we want to share with you!