With its latest creation, the Montblanc Augmented Paper, the German company has found the perfect balance between the traditional art of writing and the modern digital technology. This is a special product which is characterized for the innovative and technological aspect, but above all for the elegance.

 The Augmented Paper is a paper with an added value, which is the ability to turn paper into digital content.

It's very simple to use it: you have just to write or draw with the pen provided on the block of Montblanc Augmented Paper kit and connect the app dedicated, Montblanc Hun, only by pressing a special button.

 So let's see the specifics of what comprises the precious Montblanc Augmented Paper kit:
- a special version of the ballpoint pen Montblanc StarWalker three refill and a pair of tweezers to replace the refill;

 - an electronic digitizer comes in a soft black leather case made in Italy; the housing is a handmade product made in leather Montblanc Florence;

 - a notebook of the line Montblanc Urban Spirit;

 - a USB cable to charge the device.

 As regards the storage of the notes, it is via EMR sensors, Electro Magnetic Resonance; the notebook recognizes 12 languages and can keep in memory up to 100 pages of notes.