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A brand entirely dedicated to what can be called the mystery of Humanity: Motherhood and love.
What time is softer for a woman and for a family that of motherhood? The happy event!
Le Bebè Jewelry are the ideal gift for any new mother and new fathers! Le Bebè Jewelry, realized by the Italian white light, includes pendants, earrings, bracelets and rings, characterized by the famous silhouette of the boy or the girl, simple and playful, reminiscent of children's drawings. Each jewel is available in yellow, white and pink.
Le Bebè Jewelry illuminate the face and heart. They are precious and unique creations perfect for making a luxury gift to a woman who has just experienced the joy and the honor of becoming a new mother. These little masterpieces are born thinking about the fascination of the life and happiness of motherhood.

In a time when the protagonist is only the meaning of Jewellery, Le Bebè routs the field and suggests the true values ​​of life.

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