At Casa Capone Jewelry arrived Hamilton New Collection ... rained Proposals for Christmas!

Hamilton is a brand that for over a century produces watches of the highest quality and that in recent years has undertaken a major process of review and reconsideration of the stylistic line of its range.

The watch is an accessory that says a lot about the personality of the wearer. Often it reveals the passions, inclinations, even outline some character traits. For a man who can afford a limited number of accessories, more so the right choice clock covering essential.
In the list of five gifts to do this Christmas, we could put a clock signed Hamilton.
In particular, the series Hamilton Jazzmaster contains extraordinary variations that combine innovation, tradition and modernity. Its classic elegance makes this line irresistible to watch enthusiasts.
Hamilton Jazzmaster collection caters to a male and female with the wide range of combinations of materials and colors and with a choice between automatic movement and quartz.
Comfort is a top priority: these watches wrap around the wrist of the wearer with the captivating form of cash. The accessories come together at the checkout in a perfect asymmetric geometry, another example of the apparent complexity of the structure.
The new collection is very extensive and includes several models with each other, but with a stylistic continuity that links them directly to the brand. A perfect example of this approach is the New Hamilton Jazzmaster Seaview, bridges the gap between the traditional style of the collection Jazzmaster and the vigorous strength that characterizes the collection Khaki.
But the whole collection is to win, both for manufacturing quality that for style, with clear references to the past and present history of the house.
Collection instead liked most to me is the series Timeless Classic, showing Hamilton to his roots, to the time when he was chosen for its unmatched reliability and the unique style. Today, this range offers a special design imbued with the American spirit combined with the precision of modern Swiss movements.
Among the jewels of Casa Capone Jewelry stands the Hamilton American Classic intra-matic.
With a proud tribute to a best seller Hamilton of yore, the new timepiece asserts its elegant character thanks to the purity of design. The dial is black or silver-domed and welcomes two hands slightly curved, the quintessential expression of watchmaking Hamilton.

And you watch what you are?

Discover the Hamilton New collection of Casa Capone Jewelry!