The most eclectic and contemporary collection of jewelry fort the autumn / winter 2016/2017 is definitely the Gucci Ghost of Alexander Michael and Trevor Andrew, aka Trouble. The collection consists of rings, bracelets, necklaces with pendants, earrings and silver cufflinks 925; there are both jewels for men and jewels for women, all characterized by at least one of the symbols of Gucci Ghost: the ghost, the skull with the double GG in place of eyes, the two opposing GG.


These symbols are so different and new for Gucci, but at the same time they are very familiar for Trouble Andrew, which is called "Gucci Ghost" from 2013. Famous for creating graffiti with the Florentine company logo and other elements from the street culture, at an Halloween party in 2013 he presented himself wearing a sheet designer Gucci and from that moment he becomes "Gucci Ghost".


However, his worlwide success came when his name and his works come to Alexander Michael's, Gucci's creative director, who invites him for a collaboration.
From the beginning between the two there is a positive feeling and soon they crete a unique and innovative line for the clothing but also for the accessories and jewels. The Ghost Gucci collection represents a major break with the past, a style that embodies both cultures, the contrast between past and present.


The Ghost Gucci jewelry are affordable and are perfect for versatile people who like to be noticed and that marry an urban style, almost underground.
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