Flora Jewerly presents Flora motif in a contemporary assortment of feminine designs!


Flora Jewerly is delighted to introduce a new fine jewelry collection inspired by the flora motif. Poetic, delicate and elegant, the line explores different styles featured in both the high jewelry masterpieces and the exquisite fine jewelry.Gucci Flora’s dainty flowers and butterflies are worked in novel materials and techniques, whilst other new motifs, such as a skull and flower, introduce a bold addition to the original design.Flora Jewerly collection includes high-end masterpieces that are stunning in their detail, and which represent the utmost of Gucci’s jewelry artisanship. A matching snake ring fully set with diamonds, with sinuous open curves is adorned with a butterfly and Gucci’s iconic horsebit clasp. Those seeking an edgier interpretation of Gucci’s classic pattern will appreciate the skull pendant necklace and ring duo.
Marrying intricate goldsmithing techniques with charming designs, the other pieces in the Gucci Flora line express a different mood. Necklaces, bangles, earrings and rings are worked either in 18kt white or pink gold and offer a perfect combination of femininity and modernity.The pink gold chain necklaces are whimsical and luxurious, scattered with miniature rubies and sapphires for a glamorous yet romantic touch. A more precious necklace variant is seen in a highly detailed version laced with fuchsia enamel butterfly and floral charms, studded with rubies. Continuing this theme are the small stud earrings, deliberately mismatched, featuring a butterfly and a flower design: a nod to Gucci’s unconventional and individual fashion style. The ensemble also comes with a choice of open-work rings, adorned with pink butterflies, flowers or accented with rubies. Completing the look is a matching slim butterfly bangle. All of these delightful pink gold pieces are adorned with charming pink-crimson butterflies, which are enameled and hand-painted. Each item is set, assembled, and finished by hand, meaning that each little butterfly has a unique color and allure.Elevating Flora Jewelry to new heights are the 18kt white gold items all adorned with gemstones. Rings are chic and modern, making use of diamonds or sapphires, and crafted into a snake design, or in an openwork form, topped by a diamond-encrusted butterfly and flower. These sophisticated pieces can be accessorized with a matching slim bangle embellished with a dainty diamond butterfly and pavé horsebit clasp as well as with a dazzling necklace interwoven with 18kt white and pink gold hearts, flowers and butterflies.Flora Jewelry is seen here in its many interpretations, expressing a stunning and contemporary new mood that showcases the exceptional skills of Gucci’s Italian master goldsmiths.